Greater Glider Conservation Area

Sign at entrance to the Greater Glider Conservation Area

The Greater Glider Conservation Area in Alexandra Hills is a peaceful place with many charms including wildflowers, wallabies and a wide variety of birdlife.

If you are watchful, while walking the 2km Glider Circuit, you might spot a Lace monitor (Goanna) on the ground or clinging to a tree trunk.

Greater gliders are nocturnal so are unlikely to be seen during a daytime visit.

Wildflowers in the Greater Glider Conservation Area

A variety of wildflowers can be observed while walking the Glider Circuit.

Presented below are some examples photographed by Wild Redlands.


Bird found in this Conservation Area include the following species which have been observed by Wild Redlands over the past seven years:

Australian king-parrot, Australian white ibis, Bar-shouldered dove, Black-faced cuckoo-shrike, Brown honeyeater, Common bronzewing, Dollarbird, Eastern spinebill, Eastern yellow robin, Fan-tailed cuckoo, Galah, Golden whistler, Grey butcherbird, Grey fantail, Grey shrike-thrush, Laughing kookaburra, Leaden flycatcher, Lewin’s honeyeater, Noisy friarbird, Noisy miner, Olive-backed oriole, Pale-headed rosella, Rainbow bee-eater, Rainbow lorikeet, Red-backed fairy-wren, Rufous whistler, Sacred kingfisher, Scaly-breasted lorikeet, Scarlet honeyeater, Shining bronze-cuckoo, Silvereye, Spangled drongo, Striated pardalote, Sulphur-crested cockatoo, Torresian crow, Variegated fairy-wren, White-throated honeyeater, White-throated treecreeper, Willie wagtail, Yellow-faced honeyeater.

Other species which have been sighted here can be found on the E-bird hotspot list.

Here are a few photos taken by Wild Redlands of birds in this Conservation Area.

General information about the Greater Glider Conservation Area

The Conservation Area can be accessed from Wimborne Road Park in Alexandra Hills.

There is usually plenty of room to park a car in Wimborne Road, near the Park entrance.

Walk through Wimborne Road Park to find the 2km Glider Circuit which is an unpaved trail.

Wimborne Road Park is a T2 community park with playground equipment, basketball half court, cricket nets, picnic table and a water bubbler.

Dogs are allowed in this Conservation Area but they must stay on leash which is the general requirement of Redland City Council for exercising dogs in public places.

Map of the Greater Glider Conservation Area
Google Earth image marked up by Wild Redlands

Last updated 26 January 2022.