Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters in Thornlands

Crystal Waters in Thornlands
Crystal Waters in Thornlands

Crystal Waters are two linked ponds in Thornlands which are home for waterbirds, turtles and water dragons.

Crystal Waters in Thornlands
Crystal Waters from Google Earth

The ponds were originally used to supply water for strawberry farms but now the surrounding area has been developed for housing.

Paths around and between the ponds provide good views of birdlife including cormorants, darters, various ducks, water hens and magpie geese. Occasionally a pelican will drop in and raptors sometimes soar overhead.

Eastern water dragons and Brisbane River turtles sun themselves close to the waters edge. The turtles bask on partly submerged logs. Dragons can be seen on a tree stump or in the branches of a small tree hanging over the pond. They are easily scared and will plop into the water if people get too close.

Trees around the ponds provide habitat for other birdlife including tawny frogmouths, olive backed orioles and pacific bazzas.

Playground at Crystal Waters
Playground at Crystal Waters

Park and playground

Next to the lower pond is a small park area and a playground suitable for young children.

A viewing deck extends a few metres over the water. When the water is clear you can see metre long eels swimming lazily just below the surface.

Close to the viewing deck is a very small well tree covered island which provides birds with a safe place to roost and nest.

Water in the ponds is affected by blue-green algal blooms. Redland City Council has placed signs advising people not to enter the water.

Here’s some of the wildlife at Crystal Waters.

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Published 15 September 2016