G.J. Walter Park in Cleveland

G.J. Walter Park is one of Queensland’s oldest parks. It was gazetted as a public reserve on on 13 March 1889.

This park is situated on the Moreton Bay foreshore between the historic Grand View Hotel and the Toondah Harbour ferry terminal.

Koalas in G.J. Walter Park

Koalas are often seen resting or feeding in the Park’s eucalyptus trees.

Birdlife at G.J. Walter Park

Between September and April each year, migratory shorebirds including Bar-tailed godwits (Vulnerable) and Eastern curlews (Critically Endangered) can be seen at low tide, feeding on mudflats next to the Park.

Other birds frequenting this area at any time of year included Pied oystercatchers, White-faced herons, Gull-billed terns and Masked lapwings.

Raptors such as Eastern ospreys, White-bellied sea-eagles and Brahminy kites fly along this stretch of coast regularly.